Learn about Domestic Violence

The Cycle Of Violence

Violence is a pattern of behavior used by one individual to establish and maintain power and control over another individual. This behavior can include physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, and economic abuse.

Violence and oppression are never justified and abusive behavior is a choice. Unfortunately, societal attitudes and systems located within legal, economic, political, religious, and educational institutions allow violence to continue. Sarah’s Inn is a leader in shaping community perspectives on violence and breaking the cycle of violence in our communities.

Violence At Home

Domestic violence occurs within a shared home environment, family, or intimate partner relationship. It is a social problem occurring in families across all socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, religious, professional, and educational backgrounds. One in four women in the United States experiences domestic violence at some point during her lifetime. Men can also experience domestic violence, although they represent a smaller percentage of those affected by it.

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