Offender Accountability and Education

Violence is a choice, and a learned behavior. Without intervention, those with a history of violent behavior often repeat this behavior in relationships throughout their lives, even after those they previously abused have found safety and help. Intervention makes a difference to break the cycle of violence in our communities.

"I have changed by taking responsibility for my actions, being aware of my violent behaviors and controlling them."

~ Participant in the Partner Abuse Intervention Program at Sarah's Inn

Partner Abuse Intervention Program

The Sarah’s Inn Partner Abuse Intervention Program works with individuals who are ready to change their violent and controlling behavior choices in a community of honesty and accountability. Participation is a combination of voluntary and court-mandated.

The program consists of a two-hour intake assessment, an orientation workshop, and weekly group sessions for 26 weeks on Monday or Tuesday evenings. Clients who have completed the full 26 weeks are required to attend three monthly aftercare sessions to evaluate their challenges and successes since completion of the program.

To connect with this program or learn more, please contact Meg Hefty, Director of Intervention, at 708-386-3305 x1009 or megh(at)