Violence Prevention

At Sarah’s Inn, we recognize that a future free from domestic violence begins with an educated, nonviolent generation of youth. And in response to these needs we have created the Together Strong Project which targets adolescents ages eleven-fourteen through school-based violence prevention education programming. Through the Together Strong Project, Sarah’s Inn provides critical information for students on how to protect themselves against potential threats or how to seek help if they are a victim of violence or abuse. 

For more information, or to inquire about violence prevention presentations and classes, please contact Jocelyn Ohl, Prevention Coordinator, at jocelyno(at) or 708-386-3305 x1027. 

Together Strong Project provides violence prevention education for teens in partnership with community schools. Current programs include Together Strong: a two to four-week intensive violence prevention program for high school students; Together Connect:  a week-long program about healthy friendships and responsible online interactions for middle school students; Together Prepare: a week-long program about healthy dating relationships and conflict resolution for middle school students; and our Youth Committee, a program for selected high school students who wish to be peer advocates for non-violence. Over 3,000 students are engaged through this program each year.

High School

Together Strong (High School) is designed to raise awareness of all forms of interpersonal, adolescent violence and provides students with the knowledge and resources to critically evaluate restrictive cultural stereotypes and foster healthy relationships.  The curriculum is a two to four week course for high school students covering topics such as: dating and domestic violence, bullying and harassment, sexual assault, digital abuse, and suicide.  Additionally, the program specifically teaches students non-violent conflict resolution and how to be an advocate against violence as a bystander.

Middle School

Together Connect (7th grade) helps students navigate peer relationships and identify the emotional consequences for choices made in person and online.  The curriculum is a week-long program which highlights topics including healthy friendships, methods for addressing interpersonal differences, positive decision making skills, and responsible online interactions.  Students are asked to think critically about the behaviors of themselves and those of their peer groups. 

Together Prepare (8th grade) helps students understand adolescent dating relationships and identify the emotional consequences for the choices they make. The curriculum is a week-long program which highlights topics including healthy dating relationships, conflict management, positive coping skills and responsible online interactions. Students are asked to articulate their individual rights and corresponding responsibilities within interpersonal relationships, and to practice thinking critically about the causes and consequences of their choices, and to create healthy personal boundaries.

Sarah's Inn Youth Committee

The Sarah’s Inn Youth Committee, a cohort of area high school students, who are interested in leadership, learn how to set goals, accomplish projects, advocate within systems, and overcome obstacles for project implementation. In the process, they become student experts on violence prevention concepts and use core leadership qualities to influence their peers.

If you are a high school student interested in the Sarah's Inn Youth Committee, please contact Jocelyn Ohl, Prevention Coordinator, at jocelyno(at)